“Death of a Hero” by Eva R.

“Soldiers” by Eunice P.

“My Mistakes” by Aishwarya A.

“Nightmare” by Yatin B.

“Band” by Aidan C.

“A Delightful Spirit” by Aidan C.

“A New Friend” by Aidan C.

“Each Morning” by Aidan C.

“Heavenly Morning Delights” by Aidan C.

“Kiwi” by Aidan C.

“Parents” by Aidan C.

“Me” by Megan G.

“The Fire of Notre Dame” by Helen H.

“Midnight Marshmallows” by Helen H.

“My Grandpa Will Understand” by Helen H.

“My New Home” by Helen H.

“My Teacher” by Helen H.

“The Chocolate Candy” by Helen H.

“The Best Woman in the World to Me” by Helen H.

“This is Me” by Helen H.

“Home” by Helen H.

“Sweet Happiness” by Helen H.

“Writing” by Helen H.

“The Campfire” by Victor K.

“Sadness” by Nora K.

“Glimmering Beauty” by Elena L.

“The Wordsmith” by Elena L.

“Wings of Blazing Wrath” by Elena L.

“Up in the Air” by Yiwen L.

“My Personal Demon” by Katie M.

“Echo” by Diya M.

“Flipped” by Aadhya P.

“Uncle” by Aadhya P.

“Secrets” by Shruti P.

“Moonlight” by Katie R.

“Ballet” by Dhruvi S.

“Final Tribute” by Dhruvi S.

“I am. . .” by Dhruvi S.

“Oops” by Dhruvi S.

“Untitled Limerick” by Dhruvi

“Untitled” by Dhruvi S.

“Summertime Couplets” by Dhruvi S.

“Sincere Apologies” by Dhruvi S.

“Dreams” by Sudhanya S.

“Destiny” by Sudhanya S.

“Alarm Clock” by Ameya T.

“Cemetery Walk” by Hritika T.

“Hot, Sizzling Soup” by Sowmya V.